benefits of retirement homes

Moving to a retirement home can be an extremely tough decision for not only the seniors but also their children and family members because of some obvious reasons. There arises an array of questions in the minds of people regarding the environment of retirement homes; security of the inmates, what kind of food is provided, getting proper care, and a number of other things. So, in this blog, we would be helping you resolve all your queries about opting for a retirement home and making the right decision. 

1) Concept of Retirement Homes

A retirement home refers to a specialized facility designed to accommodate individuals in their old age. It is intended for those seniors who wish to maintain their lifestyles and at the same time experiencing on-site support and care as per their requirements. It is to be kept in mind that retirement homes are also referred to as assisted living facilities, but they are not the same as nursing homes. These homes cater to the seniors in need of continuous medical attention and their target shifts from enabling independence to promoting healing.

2) When is the Right Time to Move to a Retirement Home?

There is no specific time that can be referred to as the right time to move into a retirement home. But there are a few situations and conditions that are considered to be the best to move to a retirement home that is discussed below. 

a) Living Alone 

If your children and other family members are not living due to any obvious reasons, it would be the right time to move to a retirement home. Moreover, moving into a retirement home would keep your loneliness at bay which is quite advantageous. 

b) Arising or Worsening Health Conditions

With age, human health issues tend to arise or any other existing health conditions tend to worsen. With no one to look after and take care of, it is considered to be the right time to move into any of the good retirement homes in Kerala

c) Unable to Perform Daily Activities 

If you are unable to perform your daily activities because of age, it would be ideal to move to any of the reliable retirement homes and avail of assisted living services where you can get all necessary help to cope up with the daily activities. 

d) Poor Hygiene and Frailty 

If you are becoming frail with age as a result of lack of proper eating or any other problems, a retirement home would be the right choice. Moreover, if you find yourself in poor hygiene such as messy grooming habits, not bathing regularly, and a number of others, it would be ideal to opt for a retirement home.

The right time to move to a retirement home might tend to vary from person to person depending upon their exact condition as well as the need. Thus, it is always recommended to identify your needs and move to a trusted, reputed, and reliable retirement home for living a good as well as satisfying life. 

3) Benefits of Moving into Retirement Homes

Moving into retirement homes comes with a wide range of benefits for seniors. Some of the major benefits of living in a top-rated retirement home are listed below. 

benefits of moving in retirement homes

a) Prevention of Social Isolation 

Social isolation in seniors is a common affair and to effectively prevent the same retirement homes would undoubtedly be the best choice. Moving into a retirement home allows the inmates to connect and socialize with each other, thereby playing a significant role in preventing social isolation. 

b) Help with Daily Activities

There are many seniors who are unable to cope with their daily activities by themselves and need help or assistance with the same. But when you move into a retirement home, you can get complete assistance with almost all daily activities.

c) Round the Clock Medical Care

At a retirement home, there is no need to worry about medical care since it is available round the clock. In addition to this, the inmates get regular health checkups to ensure monitoring of their health. Most importantly, emergency medical and healthcare services are readily available which proves to be quite beneficial.

d) Highly Nutritious Food 

For seniors, nutritious food is of immense importance in maintaining overall good health. Most of the good retirement homes offer nutritious food which might not have been available on a regular basis while staying at home.

e) Complete Freedom of Living 

Living an independent life with complete freedom is one of the major benefits of retirement homes. The inmates can enjoy their lives to the fullest without having to worry about anything. 

f) Safety and Security 

Living in a retirement home makes sure that safety and security are not compromised at any cost. Security guards are available on campus 24*7 to make sure that the entire campus is totally secure and there is simply nothing to worry about. 

g) Safe Transportation Available 

Any of the top-rated retirement homes offer safe transportation facility which proves to be extremely beneficial for the seniors. With a good retirement home, there is no need to worry about safe transportation since it is almost guaranteed. 

h) Peace of Mind 

One of the superb benefits of retirement homes is the peace of mind of the inmates. Living in good retirement homes gives the inmates wonderful peace of mind which is not only beneficial for their mental and physical health but also enhances their lifespan to a great extent.

4) How to Select the Best Retirement Home?

The task of selecting retirement homes in Kerala might not be as easy as it is thought to be. It requires very careful consideration of a few important factors to make sure that the right decision is made. To make the task of selecting a retirement home easier for the users, here we have listed a few of the major points to consider.

Benefits of retirement homes
  • Start with the location and select a retirement home in such a location that is perfect in all aspects like easy to travel to, the overall environment of the location, etc. 
  • The next thing to check is the ratings and reviews of the retirement home that you are planning to select
  • Checking the care services offered to the inmates
  • The experience and expertise of the staff at the retirement home
  • Availability of housekeeping services
  • Availability of medical assistance and emergency services
  • Visiting hours of the retirement home
  • Finally, check all the other terms and conditions along with the contract that needs to be signed before admission to the retirement home

Considering all the points mentioned above would make sure that the users are able to make an informed choice and select the most suitable retirement home for themselves. 

5) How Does Mathews Home Help?

Mathews Home takes pride in being one of the premier retirement homes in Kerala catering to the varied needs of seniors in the best possible manner. Mathews Home provides the best of facilities to the inmates, thereby ensuring a hundred percent satisfaction among all. The retirement home comes with all modern features and facilities to help the inmates live a life of luxury as well as freedom. Each of the staff at Mathews Home is adequately trained and experienced to provide high-quality services to every member. The inmates can get very good care and complete peace of mind at Mathews Home. Assisted living facilities or help in daily activities are available as per the needs. In addition to this Mathews Home provides the following that helps it to stand out from its competitors. 

  • Highly nutritious food prepared under the supervision of a qualified nutritionist and a dietician
  • Mathews Home has a chapel on campus where the inmates can offer prayers without having to move out of the campus
  • There is a geriatric gym with a qualified and experienced trained to help seniors stay physically active
  • A wide range of activities like gardening, fishing, brain games, and a number of others for fun, leisure, as well as keeping the brain active

If you wish to know more about the features and facilities offered at Mathews Home, you can book a trial stay for a short-term before making a long-term booking. Thus, at any point in time, you are looking forward to booking retirement homes in Kottayam, Kerala, no other option would be as good as Mathews Home in this regard. 

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