At Mathews Home, we are dedicated to providing five star luxury living facility and assisted living to seniors for a happy and secure retired life. We have everything ready to offer you comfort and satisfaction to your lives ahead. Our inmates are fully satisfied with the way Mathews Homes care for them, and our outstanding facilities available. Here are some of the precious words from our valued inmates, that helps us move forward with full power.

Mr. & Mrs. P C Joseph Powathil

We are part of St. Mathew’s Homes for the past two months. The reason why we joined is because my children living abroad wanted to give us a safe and happy retired life. We took the right decision by choosing St. Mathew’s Homes. We are really happy with the atmosphere, location and safety they offer for people like us.

Fr. Xavier Nochiveettil

One of my close friends and I was quite surprised by the amenities provided by St.Mathew’s Homes. Especially when it comes to the spiritual life, and prayers, I’m really satisfied with the way they have arranged everything. I have never seen such European standard facilities in Kerala before. I’ll surely recommend St.Mathews Homes to anyone searching for a comfortable stay.

Mrs. Eliyamma Thomas

I just visited St. Mathew’s Homes and I was really impressed by their facilities. I’m happy living in this homely atmosphere and will never move to another place.