Important points to check before choosing assisted living for seniors

In order to make your retirement days a real privilege, looking forward to the assistance of an elderly home can be an excellent option. A calm and peaceful environment where you can stay stress-free and attain peace of mind. But what all should you consider before choosing an assisted living/post-retirement stay. Here is a detailed checklist for the assisted living facility which you can refer to for making an informed and wise choice. 


The seniors availing of assisted living facilities wish that their near and dear ones visit them often for which location is a matter of immense importance in selecting the assisted living facility. Here are a few questions to ask when looking for assisted living in terms of location. 

  • Where is the assisted living community located?
  • How far it is from family members, friends, etc.?
  • What about transportation facilities to commute to the location?

Seniors in assisted living wish their family members to visit them so find a facility that is located close enough to you. Getting clarity on the above three questions would make the selection of the assisted living facility quite easy and convenient. 


Enquire family and friends if they or someone they know has had any experience with the particular facility. And while choosing an assisted living facility, you need to have a clear idea about the facilities offered. This can be done in the following ways.

  • Visit their website and check for the facilities offered
  • Search for references who have previously availed the assisted living facility or is still an inmate of the retirement home and learn about their experience 
  • Read through reviews of the facilities offered at the retirement home

Once you are clear with the track record of the facilities offered, you can make a choice. 


 Care services offered are one of the most vital points to check before choosing assisted living for seniors. Make sure they have proper medical care. This is very important for seniors, who could suddenly experience medical conditions or sudden illnesses even if they have been healthy previously. Here you need to check the following.

  • The quality of care services offered 
  • Availability of qualified and trained staff
  • How medical conditions and diseases are tackled?

Once you get a confirmation of the care services offered, you can select the assisted living facility with utmost ease and convenience. 


The experience and expertise of every staff have a significant role to play in the overall quality of the assisted living facility. It’s also important to look for a facility that hires only qualified and experienced staff. Check the following before choosing a retirement home. 

  • Training and qualification of staff
  • Licenses and certification of staff
  • Overall experience and expertise of staff

Once you are convinced with the points mentioned above, you can make your decision. 


Safety and Security. Make sure that the premises are senior-friendly, and also have necessary safety measures to protect residents from intruders. It is essential to check the following in this regard. 

  • The premises is friendly to the seniors
  • Security cameras are installed throughout the campus
  • Security guards for constant monitoring of the campus to protect the inmates from intruders

Checking these would make sure that the safety and security of the inmates are not compromised at any cost. 


Housekeeping services is another important point in the checklist for the assisted living facility. Before booking any facility, make sure to enquire about the type and extent of housekeeping services they offer and if any additional services come at a cost. You need to check the following.

  • What housekeeping services are available?
  • What is the timing of the availability of housekeeping services?
  • Are the services paid or included in the charges?

Now, you have a detailed idea about the housekeeping services which makes the selection of assisted living facility an easy task. 


You need to check for the transportation services offered by the retirement home. Check whether the facility has their own transportation to take residents out? So that the seniors can enjoy an occasional outing which allows them to get out of the premises. You need to see the following.

  • Check whether the retirement home has its own transportation facility?
  • Is a transportation facility always available?

If the transportation facility is available in-campus, it becomes much more convenient for the inmates, and selecting the retirement home would be a good idea. 


Check if there is any medical staff on-site to care for residents in a medical emergency? Availability of medical assistance is extremely important in a senior living facility. Before selecting one, you need to know the following. 

  • How a medical emergency is handled on campus?
  • Availability of medical care
  • Round the clock facility 

When you have the above-mentioned facilities, you can go for that the assisted living facility without any kind of hesitation. 


Are there any specific visiting hours? Are the hours convenient for you with regard to your working hours and your other commitments? When your loved ones are in an assisted living facility, you would obviously visit them regularly. So, you need to know the following before selecting an assisted living facility. 

  • Visiting days in a week
  • Timings of visiting 
  • How many people can visit at a time?

Once you have definite answers to these questions, you can choose the retirement for your loved ones. 


Make sure that the contract covers all aspects of the services they provide, how they handle medical issues, details of the meal service, and other aspects.

  • Check that the contract covers all aspects of services offered
  • How medical issues are taken care of?
  • Meal service and other services

After checking all terms in the contract, you can finally sign it if it matches all your needs.

Now, you have a clear idea as to how to choose an assisted living facility. So, consider all the factors discussed above to make the most suitable choice. 


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