When children are away from the nest and the parents retire, they often opt for a happy living than a lonely one. In today’s changing tradition, most of the parents are their children are comfortable to live their old age at retirement homes.

A lot of comfort and entertainment amenities along with facilities for work out and yoga are integrated with most of the retirement homes to ensure the resident’s physical and mental well being. Retirement homes involve a lot of investment and hence every retirement home cannot keep your parents happy and facilitate to celebrate their retired life.

Choosing the right retirement home is of prime importance as locking them up in a wrong place can push them to a state of dependency, isolation and mental depression. Let’s discuss some points to consider while choosing a retirement home for your parents.

Don’t mislead..

Do not mislead yourself with the checklist of buying a home or an apartment that includes strategic location, schools, hospitals, bus stations, shopping malls, and so on. Here the requirement is a happy retired life and the checklist totally differs. The prime priority has to be given to the comfort and happiness of the retired couple. A homely ambiance, compassionate assistants, flexible timings, variety of food, personalization options, a culture that does not restrict their freedom, etc are a few among the many to be considered before finalizing.

Analyze your budget

Realize you have new financial planning after retirement. Work out the new plan, spend enough time with your spouse to fix it up and decide upon how much you can spend for a retirement home. Include all your fixed living expenses to come up with a practical financial solution. If children are looking for retirement homes for their parents, it is a fact that comfortable and luxurious homes are expensive, but are worth the value. Plan accordingly that they can spend the rest of their life in the selected retirement home rather than shifting them every now and then.

Consider the community

No one can suddenly have a drastic change in their way of living just because of retirement. Look out the community and the staff at the preferred retirement home, whether it matches with your way of living, status, standards.

Prioritize the amenities

Most of the luxury retirement homes are integrated with almost all modern facilities. But have an open discussion with your parents, know about what they really need, and list them out. Be clear with your set of requirements right from the initial visit and consultation. Also, have an eye for the structure, and facilities to ensure they are elderly friendly.

Experience and expertise

Taking care of senior citizens under a single roof requires much of experience and expertise. As the residents belong to different age groups, different community, different family background, and different financial set up, satisfying each of them is never easy. Have a look into the experience and expertise of the management to take care of each and every concern of the elderly and keep them happy, engaged, and satisfied.

Customization opportunities

Keep in mind that you’re getting older and older day by day and health conditions, food preferences, medicines you take, etc. may change accordingly. Confirm with the management about the anticipated uncertainty and ensure whether they are ready to provide the necessary support with compassion as and when required.

Understand the Exit formalities

Have space for if something goes wrong. At times, in spite of all your research and homework, things might not come out as good as you expected. So please understand what happens when you leave. Some of the retirement homes demand a deposit when you join, that might be repaid in full or partly once you leave.

Following the above points can certainly help you take a better decision. Asking friends and residents about their likes and dislikes can add more value to your decision.

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