With old age, our seniors seek a good life where they can be a little independent, maintain their health, stay happy and safe, be with their loved ones and live in an environment where they can easily function at home as well as in their neighbourhood. And when our oldies age happily, it becomes a stress-free life for the entire family.

But how easy is that? Are the environments in which our “junior-oldies” are living safe enough? Does it keep them away from all kinds of risks? Are they not socially isolated or exposed to any other adverse events? Are they physically active? How safe are they?

Well, in order to live a fulfilling life, independently until old age, these are some environmental and individual aspects that one has to deal with.

So, how there is a lack of safety for seniors?

Unsafe interior and exterior environments, health issues and crimes can be unsafe for the senior citizens. Anything that causes an inability in them to not function properly is a risk to their independence while they’re aging which can be stressful for them.

Unsafe Neighbourhood

Staying in an area where the neighbourhood is all filled with garbage, has no free space, the streets are busy and is far away from a local market can be a problem for the seniors. Crimes and gun violence also are serious threats that are on the rise in the urban settlements which are a huge safety issue for the senior citizens. A clean environment with free people, free space to maybe exercise or go for a walk and a nearby market to go shopping would be a blessing for them. They can engage in activities independently and age happily.

Unsafe Exteriors Outside Their Home

The kid-at-heart oldies need to safe even when they step out of their homes. But broken stairs and railings, lack of railings, slippery floors can be unsafe for them. It can cause them to fall and can lead to serious injuries. But is that how it’s supposed to be? Oldies should be able to go out for all kinds of activities, be it family, medical purposes, religious activities or just for fresh air. Hence, proper measures should be taken outside their dwelling places to give the senior citizens the safety they need.

Unsafe Home

Are you thinking how a home can be unsafe for our seniors? In a lot of ways! Too much clutter around, steep and rail-less stairs, uneven flooring, slippery bathroom floors, too many wires in and around the walking spaces and more. In case, the seniors fall ill, or suffer from poor vision and decreased balance, it can also lead to unsafe circumstances. So, we need to focus on clearing out the clutter and having bathrooms with grab bars. Also, keep it dry after we have used it.

Some Important Measures

  • The junior-oldies need to maintain their physical fitness and strength which becomes more important as people age. Focusing on balance is very necessary while doing it.
  • Seniors take a lot of medications and their proper handling, usage and storage of those and following all directions is very necessary.
  • Keep all emergency numbers handy.
  • Annual medical check ups are definitely a thing.
  • You can wear an alarm device which can come in handy in case you need any help from your loved ones in emergency situations.
  • Secure hand bars, hand rails, step stools, flashlights, grab bars in the bathrooms, non-slip mats are very useful.
  • To reduce crimes against senior citizens, strict punishment, regular awareness and police help are some of Government’s protective measures.

Now, when we know about the problems, then what are the potential solutions to them? Though you will get suggestions to hire a care taker, not one but more than one, or you will find people advising you to get a personal security guard for your parents living alone or if you are senior and retired.

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