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A major misconception among many is that retirement homes are the same as old age homes. But the truth is, “It’s not”. Retirement homes are well-planned communities that are built to cater to the needs of senior citizens while giving them an exceptional quality of life.

Most of the young individuals are often emotionally reluctant to send their parents to such places, thinking that it’s abandoning them, in fact, it’s not. Considering senior citizens living with their children where both the husband and wife are working individuals, the parents are basically being trapped in four walls. Whereas senior Living ensures them healthier, more active, and calmer life than living in a typical city home.

1) Difference between old age homes & senior living homes

Old age homes

Old-age homes are usually dull and gloomy, lack proper facilities, and are understaffed. Misconceptions about the independent living of Senior Citizens arise from the poor conditions of Old-age homes and lack of awareness of the difference between old-age and senior-living homes like a place for sleeping, dining hall, common bathrooms, and visitors lounge. Whereas Senior Living Homes are basically dwelling apartments, with added infrastructure and household help for the comfort of senior citizens. Every resident is the owner of their own property, and visitors are not confined to the visitors’ lounge.

Senior living homes

In senior-living homes, one can continue to cook in their own kitchens or come to community dining cafes for a break, or not cook at all. All our meals are well-nutritional and delicious, our menus keep changing, and our cooks are experts at their jobs compared to old age homes.

There are vast lifestyle differences between old-age homes and senior-living homes. Senior-living homes have a calendar full of activities that are curated to make the residents healthy and happy along with strengthening the bonding among them compared to, old-age homes.

2) Myths vs Reality

One can very commonly get to hear several myths about senior living which is far from reality. Moreover, these myths tend to confuse the users to a great extent and they are unable to take the right decision. To eliminate the confusion among users and help them make the right decision, here we have compiled a few of the most commonly believed myths about senior living. 

Myth 1 – There is a feeling of institutionalization in senior living communities. 

Reality – There are some who picturize a senior living community as long white hallways with emerging bright fluorescent lighting that are associated with hospitals and other similar institutions. But in reality, senior living communities come with the comfort of a home and many times resembles a resort rather than a hospital. At Mathews Home, the people can expect first-class living facilities with no questions of being institutionalized. 

Myth 2 These communities are only for old people.

Reality – Most of the residents in the senior living communities range from 55 to 90 years of age. But the majority of living residents do not meet the stereotypical expectations of old and decrepit. These communities are specially designed for active older adults who have a zest and lust for life. The residents of Mathews Home live a life full of recreation, leisure, and educational activities that keeps them rejuvenated as well as engaged. 

Myth 3 Living in a community takes away independence.

Reality – There are many people who confuse between independent living and living on their own. Even if you are not living in your home, life in a good senior living community can be as independent as you want it to be. At Mathews Home, each of the inmates can live their life independently in complete freedom and enjoy to the fullest. 

Myth 4 All hobbies need to be given off while living in a senior living community.

Reality – Many believe that living in a senior community means giving up all their hobbies. But in reality, most good senior living communities have different types of activities so that each of the inmates can enjoy their hobbies. Mathews Home makes sure to allow each of the inmates to enjoy their hobbies and making all possible arrangements for the same.

Myth 5 Senior living communities are extremely costly

Reality – There are several people who stay away from senior living communities because they think that it is not affordable and extremely expensive as compared to staying at home. But most senior living communities are reasonably priced which is comparable to the cost of staying at home. The cost tends to vary with the facilities but they are certainly affordable. Mathews Home is one such senior living community that has affordable rates and offers high-quality living. 

Myth 6 Meal plans are plain and unappetizing 

Reality – Many believe that meal plans at the senior living communities are plain and unappetizing in nature. But going to any renowned community assures every inmate of a highly nutritious meal plan. At Mathews Home, the inmates are given a meal of their choice without compromising on the nutrition requirements. Food at Mathews Home is prepared under the supervision of a nutritionist which proves to be beneficial. 

Let us now understand a bit more about the major features and facilities offered by Mathews Home.

  • Live life in absolute freedom at Mathews Home and enjoy to the fullest without having to worry about anything. 
  • Independent living spaces are available in Mathews Home for the inmates to choose from. The inmates are allowed the complete freedom of choosing the living space as per their preference.
  • Internationally qualified staff is present at Mathews Home that makes life even easier and convenient for every inmate. The inmates can seek the staff’s assistance or help as per their needs. 
  • Health care assistance is available round the clock to cater to the emergency requirements of the inmates at Mathews Home. In addition to emergency medical care, regular health monitoring and checkups are conducted.
  • Healthy food is the key to good health and overall well-being. Mathews Home makes sure to provide the healthiest of food to every inmate. The food at Mathews Home is prepared under the supervision of a dietician and nutritionist to provide the best quality to the inmates in all aspects.
  • Mathews Home has a specialized geriatric gym especially developed for older adults to keep them fit and healthy. The gym has a qualified trained who guides the users on the right path to enhance their fitness.

3) The premium & affordable senior living home in kerala

Now you know the difference between old-age homes and seniors living homes and the myths and reality. And if you are thinking about a senior living home for your dear ones or one for yourself. Then don’t wait anymore Mathew’s Home welcomes you with five-star living facilities and features. Mathews Home takes pride in being one of the leading senior living communities providing the best of facilities and services to the users. Here at Mathews Home, each of the inmates can be assured of living an independent life without any kind of compromise in their freedom. This senior living community comes with all modern features to make sure that the inmates are able to live life on their own terms. Sounds interesting! What are you waiting for? Book a short-term or trial stay at Mathews Home to experience its services, features, and facilities before booking a long-term stay. Call our team today to make a booking. 

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