paid retirement home in India

Retirement communities or Paid retirement homes are increasing day by day in India. Because now India’s senior citizens choose freedom and comradeship with their peers in their second innings.

1. What are Paid Retirement Homes?

Paid retirement homes are specialized multi-residence housing facilities, especially for elderly people. Retirement homes come with a wide array of facilities for the seniors to make sure that they live a good, healthy, and safe life. These homes come with all the modern amenities to ensure that none of the members face any problem during their stay. One of the most vital things to consider for the elderly is caring for their health which is precisely where retirement homes are leaders. Every good retirement home offers premium quality healthcare facilities to the elderly along with regular health check-ups to ensure overall good health and well-being. The retirement homes are being opted for voluntarily for a healthy, independent, and satisfied retired life. There are several NRIs as well as foreign country workers who decide to come back to their homeland and live in a retirement home. 

2. Reasons for Their Popularity

Retirement homes have become quite popular choices in recent times. The popularity of these homes can be very well understood from the increasing demand over time. Here are a few common reasons for the popularity of retirement homes.

  • People opting to live independently after retirement
  • Children staying abroad or not with them 
  • No one to look after or take care of them in old age
  • NRIs coming back to their hometown after retiring from their foreign job
  • The elderly wanting to live a life of luxury after their retirement
  • People wishing to live with like-minded individuals 

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, there might be several other reasons that tend to vary from individuals to individuals who wish to live in a retirement home in their old age.

3. Features of Retirement Homes 

Some of the amazing features of a premium retirement home are mentioned below. 

  • Independent Living Spaces – The elderly can avail themselves both independent as well as shared living space as per their preference with different levels of comfort and amenities such as single room, double room, deluxe room, or suite.
  • International Quality of Living – At a premium retirement, you can experience the international quality of living where all facilities, infrastructure, and others are as per international standards. 
  • Complete Freedom in Life – The luxurious retirement homes allow individuals to live in complete freedom. They are free to enjoy their life to the fullest without any kind of interference on their independence. In addition to this, the members can invite their near and dear ones to stay with them at the retirement home.
  • Experience Luxury at Reasonable Rates – At the retirement homes, the individuals can experience the feel of luxury in their lives with almost every facility and service available at their fingertips but at pocket-friendly prices that are easier to be afforded by almost all. 
  • Superior Staff – Top-notch retirement homes have adequately trained, highly qualified, and vastly experienced staff to provide the best of services to every member in every aspect. 
  • Excellent Infrastructure – Luxury retirement homes have excellent infrastructure with all modern features and facilities to make life comfortable for individuals.
  • Round the Clock Medical Backup – Round the clock medical backup, support, and care are available to make sure that the healthcare requirements of every individual are efficiently met whenever the need arises.
  • Safety and Security ­– The campus of a premier retirement home is completely safe and secure with CCTC installed throughout the campus so that the individuals can live without any worries. 
  • 24*7 Contact Centre Available – The residents of the retirement home and their family members or relatives can get in touch with the management team 24*7 which is immensely beneficial. Moreover, direct contact with the CEO of the home is possible in cases of emergency. 

4. Facilities Available at Retirement Homes

The paid retirement homes come with premium facilities so that every individual can experience luxury at their best and enjoy their life to the fullest without any worries. Here is a list of the major facilities available at top-notch retirement homes. 

  • Assistance for Daily Activities – At a premier paid retirement home, the individuals can avail assistance in performing daily activities like laundry, dressing, taking medicines on time, and a number of others as per their need. 
  • Healthcare Assistance – Healthcare assistance is of immense importance for the elderly since the overall health tends to deteriorate with age. But at the retirement home, round the clock healthcare assistance is available including routine health checkups, health monitoring, special therapies, and many more, hence there is nothing to worry about. 
  • Good Quality Food – At the paid retirement homes, you can find a modern kitchen with experienced cooks. The food is prepared under the supervision of expert dieticians and nutritionists to ensure all nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc. are available in the food in appropriate quantities. Special food is also available for diabetic patients and others who need special food or have certain restrictions.
  • Round the Clock Nursing Care – High-quality retirement homes provide round the clock nursing care. The doctors at the retirement home are adequately trained, highly qualified, and vastly experienced. They are available 24*7 to assist the ones in need. Every luxurious retirement home assures the members of care similar to the good hospitals but without the hospital-type atmosphere.
  • Emergency Services – Any good paid retirement home allow easy access to emergency help where the medical emergency team is available at the fingertips of the individuals. At Mathews Home, every room has an intercom connected to the nursing station for instant connection. 
  • Clean and Healthy Environment – The environment is very well-maintained, neat, clean, and healthy throughout the campus including the kitchens, dining halls, etc. Well-trained staff help in maintaining the overall cleanliness of the campus. 
  • Planned Outings for Residents – Frequent picnics, trips, and religious tours are organized for the residents to help them enjoy their lives to the fullest.
  • Celebrations and Social Gatherings – Different celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions are celebrated with zeal along with social gatherings at the retirement homes to make them feel like they are in their own home. 
  • Leisure and Fun Activities – Various types of leisure, as well as fun activities such as indoor games, outdoor games, fishing, farming, writing, and many more, are organized regularly to keep the residents engaged, thereby promoting their mental health. 
  • Counseling Sessions – Personal counseling sessions are conducted by experienced personnel for a hundred percent satisfaction of the residents. 
  • Other Facilities – The retirement homes offer a number of other facilities like lifts, wheelchairs, 24*7 power backup, ambulance facility, laundry, and a number of others. 

In addition to the ones mentioned above, there are provisions for several other facilities in the luxurious retirement homes that are offered as per the requests, needs, and requirements of the residents. 

5. Life at Retirement Homes

Life at retirement homes is just as good as anything where every individual can live in their preferred way. They have easy and convenient access to all facilities as well as services for a worry-free stay at the retirement home. Moreover, they can live in complete freedom with all necessary help and support.

  • Assisted Living – The elderly who are unable to perform their daily tasks all by themselves and need help with the same, can easily opt for assisted living. In assisted living, all necessary support and help are offered to the individuals opting for the same.
  • Independent Living – On the other hand, those who wish to live life independently can opt for the same without any kind of hesitation. Every individual is completely free to choose their life and way of living at the premium retirement homes like Mathews Home.

6. Cost of Living in Paid Retirement Homes

The cost of living in a retirement home depends on the features and facilities offered. A retirement home offering more features and premium facilities to its members is bound to cost more as compared to the ones offering standard features as well as services. So, when you pay more, you get more, and it is as simple as that. If you are looking for a luxurious stay, you need to shell out more but every penny you pay would be absolutely worth it, so go for it!

7. Food at Paid Retirement Homes

Food is a matter of immense importance to the elderly since proper nutrition is vital for their overall health and well-being. So, in a premium retirement home, high-quality food is served to the individuals keeping in mind their nutritional and as well as bodily requirements. The food is cooked under the supervision of a certified nutritionist to make sure that all essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and others are present in appropriate quantities. Moreover, at a premier retirement home like Mathews Home, individuals can get both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options along with customized food options like diabetic food, low-fat food, etc. 

8. Social Gatherings and Celebrations 

In addition to the physical well-being of the individuals at the retirement home, their mental well-being is also equally important. It is precisely the reason why good retirement homes arrange social gatherings, celebrations, and a number of other activities for fun as well as engagement to ensure happiness among all, thereby facilitating overall good mental health & well-being. 

9. How to Know Whether You Need a Retirement Home?

Ask a few questions to yourself and the answers would indicate whether you need a retirement home or not. So, just go ahead and ask yourself the following questions. 

  1. Am I living alone?
  2. Are my spouse and I the only members of the family?
  3. Are my children living abroad or not staying with us?
  4. I am an NRI coming back to my hometown after retiring from the job abroad. Do I wish to live independently?
  5. Do I have anyone to look after me?
  6. Do I have anyone to take care of me when I am ill or in need of an emergency?

If the answer to the first four questions is a ‘yes’ and the last two is a ‘no’, then it would be ideal to opt for a retirement home at the earliest. 

10. How to Choose the Right Retirement Home?

Choosing the right retirement home might be a very easy task but can be done easily and conveniently by considering a few major pointers that are listed below.

  • Checking the Years of Existence – The first thing to consider while choosing a retirement home is to check the number of years of existence. A retirement home that has been serving people for several years is expected to provide a better service.
  • Expertise – It is also important to consider the expertise of the retirement home in this field. It would be a great idea to check whether they have other retirement homes running or this is the only one. If a group runs several retirement homes, then it is expected to be a good choice. 
  • Guidelines – Before choosing any retirement home, it would be ideal to have a clear and complete understanding of the guidelines along with other terms & conditions so that no problems arise later. 
  • Pricing – When you are opting for a paid retirement home, you need to have a complete understanding of the price for the same so that you are well-prepared.
  • Registration – Individuals planning to stay at a retirement home should understand the registration and documentation process beforehand to make sure that the entire process is smooth without any kind of interruption.
  • Comparing a Few – Finally, it would undoubtedly be a very good idea to compare a few of the retirement homes to get an idea about what services are being offered, what facilities are being provided, and the prevailing prices. It is also recommended to personally meet a few members of the retirement homes to better understand the offerings. Ultimately, check their website, read through reviews, and pay a visit to the retirement home before selection. 

Considering all the factors mentioned above would help you in choosing the right retirement home. You can also ask for a trial stay or short-term stay at the retirement home to check for yourself and make an informed decision. 

11. FAQs

  • Who Can Stay at Retirement Homes?

Luxury paid retirement homes are for the elderly whose children are staying abroad, have no one to look after or take care of, and ones looking for an independent living in their old age. Retirement homes welcome all with open arms to enjoy their stay. 

  • What is the Usual Age Limit for Staying at a Retirement Home?

All people aged 60 years or more can come and stay at retirement home for a very good as well as independent life after their retirement.

  • I am an NRI? Can I Stay at a Retirement Home?

Yes, you can be a part of the retirement homes. Most of the reputed retirement homes encourage all NRIs after retirement from their jobs abroad and coming back to their hometown to settle at our luxury retirement for a high-quality life. 

  • Do I Get Emergency Medical Help at a Retirement Home?

Yes, at almost all retirement homes every individual can be assured of emergency medical help round the clock. Each room usually comes with an intercom connected to the nursing station for immediate help. 

  • Can I Book a Trial Stay at a Retirement Home?

Yes, you can book a trial stay at the retirement home to experience the services and enjoy the facilities to understand what is there on offer for you. Most of the well-known retired homes allow a short-term stay before they can book a long-term stay.

12. Mathews Home – One of the Best Retirement Homes

Mathews Home takes pride in being one of the premier retirement homes providing all modern facilities and high-quality services to assure every member of a fantastic stay. At Mathews Home, we focus on providing every individual with supreme comfort and the highest level of satisfaction to make sure that they feel as if the retirement home is their own home. Let us highlight a few of the major features and facilities which clearly indicate that Mathews Home is undoubtedly one of the best retirement homes.

Best paid retirement home in kerala
An aerial view of St. Mathews Home
  • Mathews Home is spread over 7.6 acres of land with lush green and healthy surroundings
  • Ample amount of space available for the ones who love gardening, farming, etc. 
  • All modern amenities available 
  • International quality of living
  • Independent living spaces
  • Superior healthcare as well as medical support along with emergency medical help at fingertips round the clock
  • Adequately trained, highly qualified, and vastly experienced staff
  • Pious and serene exclusive space for meditation and different spiritual activities 
  • In-campus full-fledged chapel for facilitating instant access to the residents without having to even move out of the campus
  • Experience the taste of organic food where residents themselves involve in gardening to farm fruits and veggies
  • Very tight security and complete safety for the members
  • Rooms come with all required facilities as well as special features like a fan in the bathroom, anti-slip flooring, etc.
  • Special facilities such as Ayurvedic spa with therapist, geriatric gym, and steam bath, are to name a few
  • Several indoor and outdoor games to keep the mind happy as well as healthy
  • Different activities like fishing, farming, etc.
  • Social gatherings, and celebrations to increase engagement as well as interaction among all.

Homely facilities at Mathew’s home

If you are looking forward to the best retirement home in kerala that is an appropriate blend of comfort and luxury, no other option would be as good as Mathews Home in this regard. For a trial experience at Mathews Home, get in touch with us and book a short-term stay. To know more about the features and facilities of Mathews Home, please contact us at the earliest.

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