Indian tradition is bound to provide social security for senior citizens within their family. The changing family structure, emerging prevalence of nuclear families, have exposed the elderly to a lot of physical, psychological and financial insecurity. In Indian society, it is an upcoming trend for youngsters to work in foreign countries for better exposure and greater income. This has significantly increased the chances for a lonely old age for the parents. Generally, there are two types of senior living concepts,

  • Independent living
  • Assisted living

So, What is the solution?

Parents from both the category as well as children are concerned about the security and well being of the elderly people. Retirement homes are an excellent solution for a happy retired living, and children can stay relaxed at their work place. Usually both these concepts exist together at retirement homes, ensuring the physical as well as mental health along with a happy state of mind and absolute freedom.

Why a retirement home?

Retirement homes provide senior citizens with a serene environment to live happily in the company of people from the same age group with no restrictions on their freedom in a preferred lifestyle. Retirement homes can keep you in high spirits as the ambiance is elderly friendly, you have all the support to celebrate your old age, and you have a suggestion in each and every habit followed there, like your food, medicines, outing, entertainment, work out, and so on.

Retirement homes are well-equipped to provide quick medical attention to the residents as they have appointed trained medical staff, emergency medical rooms along with on-site ambulances ready to serve round the clock. They are also tied up with the nearest hospitals and pharmacies to completely take care of the health issues of the residents. Above all, utmost care is to create and maintain an ambiance to make them feel at home.

Retirement homes are very much popular in foreign counties and are gaining popularity in India as well. More and more people are looking forward for reliable retirement homes to enjoy their old age. Assisted living in retirement homes assures an easy living and better bonding between the couple. They are always engaged with their own interests and stay in an inspiring good company of the people around. Gradually, the residents are like family, and they enjoy all the freedom perfectly like home, or at times, even better than that!

Retirement homes are equipped with all the modern facilities and comforts like cooking, nursing help, cleaning, along with certain medical facilities and entertainment facilities along with physiotherapy and yoga. A comfortable post retirement life with five star facilities comes at its own price and generally focus on upper class retirees.

There is no doubt that retirement homes are being increasing accepted by the society for a happy old age and the key point is, both parents and children are equally happy, and relaxed.

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