There are so many elderly people in our country who are living alone willingly or unwillingly. Those who are willingly living alone are mostly the parents of NRIs or those who are working far away from their native place. Their love and respect for their parents worry them a lot.

They are always concerned about parents’ health, wellbeing, and security. They may be fearful about the health issues or difficulties elderly face every day. They need some permanent solution which is both comfortable and secure.

On the other hand, those who are unwillingly living alone don’t have children or they are not at all bothered about their wellbeing. Several studies have proved that loneliness diminishes social connections of the elderly lead to an increased impact on physical and mental health in a negative way.

Loneliness is associated with chronic illness, depression and more hospitalizations.

One more reason for the elderly living alone is losing a partner.  When you share everything from the first meal of the day to the last ‘goodnight’ to your partner and if suddenly you lose your partner (due to any reason), then it affects the other partner both mentally and physically. Living alone in such a situation can be wrenching. Women who are left alone have to worry about safety and staying healthy. Moreover, people who live alone, regardless of their living situation, are not able to take care of them and are more likely to die.

The list of risks doesn’t end here. When an old age people live alone, then they easily forget or simply neglect to follow the treatments prescribed by the doctor.  They also miss the signs of failing health because there is no one in the house to say that “something is wrong, we should take you to the hospital”. It is not always true that everyone who lives alone is alone; instead, those who are lonely can become restless and depressed. These things are not good for overall health and mental wellbeing.

Mathews Home has a solution to all these problems.

It is a heaven to the parents living alone and those who have to spend their old age without their partner. Mathews Home is a comfortable home for seniors where we keep them happy, give them medical aid and make
their old age golden.

We assure:

  • Safe Environment for Elders
  • Quick Access for Emergency Help
  • Neat And Clean Environment
  • Health Care Assistance
  • Geriatric Gym
  • Enjoy Leisure Time Activities
  • Planned Resident Outings
  • Chapel
  • Experience the Taste of Organic Food
  • Live Chat
  • Short Term Stay Available
  • Independent Living Spaces
  • Assistance in Performing Daily Activities
  • Property Management
  • Live Life in Absolute Freedom  

Mathews Home is not only old age home, but also retirement homes for seniors who wish to live in luxury after retirement.

Some Exclusive Features of Mathews Home are:

Luxury living at affordable rates:
Spread in 7.5 acres, Mathews Home is newly constructed. It is fully equipped with all modern amenities. It is under CCTV surveillance

Live life in absolute freedom:
Feel free and enjoy your life at Mathews Home. We allow all senior residents to enjoy their independence, visit their relatives and make new friends at Mathews Home.

Independent living spaces:
We offer both shared and independent living spaces with varying comfort levels and amenities. We have – single room, deluxe room, or suite.

Live International quality life:
All the facilities available at Mathews Home are as per international standards. We offer international quality services that you can easily see at European countries and the USA, but at Indian rates.

Contact directly to CEO during an emergency:
Mathews allows you to contact directly to the CEO of Mathews Home and get complete information about your parents or relative
staying at Mathews Home during an emergency.

Qualified Staff:
We have highly experienced and qualified staff working at Mathews. Our
CEO has 28 years of professional experience with multinational companies and handles the admin department very well.

Short Term Stay Available:
Those who are interested to experience the amenities that Mathews offers to the residents, we welcome you for a short term stay here!

It can be confidently said that Mathews Home is a perfect place for all seniors who wish to live a comfortable life after their retirement. Also, it is a perfect place for the elderly living alone due to any reason. We assure them a secured living and great services. We believe that these are the golden days of your lives and you should spend them without finding the middle ground. At Mathews Home, we provide you luxury stay, healthy food, and a great lifestyle!

Discover your Best Life

Join our community or Stay for a short period at Mathews Home. Try & Experience our luxurious living spaces and ameneties.

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