Most of the senior citizens all over the world are very much worried about the loneliness and deterioration of their physical and mental health. Most of the couples lose their energy, laughter, and joy once they start to live their retirement life. Is that what is needed?

Think about a different perspective! Do not persuade your children to sacrifice their career and take full-time care. Instead, let them free, and you enjoy your freedom. Take care of your health and be ready for healthy aging.

What is healthy aging?

Healthy aging is efforts implemented systematically to have a prolonged healthy physical and mental well being simply to improve the quality of life.

What can be done for that?

Let us discuss a few easy tips to keep yourself young and healthy. You can certainly reap the benefits of keeping yourselves good during the later years of life. It is never late to start a healthy lifestyle and food habits.

1. Stay connected!

More than expected, loneliness can lead to a lot of psychological issues like depression. Many of the surveys show that elderly who are left alone have difficulties in association with climbing stairs or their day to day activities. Hence, take care of yourselves and be in the best company always! Make great friends, engage in group activities, volunteer some work, or just help the needy! A community living without any restriction to your freedom can do a great deal! Keep in touch with your children, friends, and relatives. Tame technology with the help of your friends and be “Smart!”

2. Exercise regularly

Consult a doctor and seek expert advice regarding a mild exercise which suits your health and age. Brisk walking for 30 minutes a day guarantees huge health benefits. If you feel tired to do it at a stretch, break it up into two or three strolls. It can keep the brain active by more blood and oxygen supply. The key point is to make it a routine. It benefits you in several ways including:

  • Keeping you fit
  • Boost up your mood
  • Sound sleep
  • Controls body weight
  • And a lot more!

3. Follow healthy food habits

Though a bit difficult, come out of your regular food habits. Fill up your diet with more vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole-grain varieties. Avoid packaged food, and have less fatty meals, salt, butter, and sugar. Researches prove that such diet in combination with mild exercises protects your body against Parkinson’s, heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. This can also help you to avoid constipation, which is common among the senior age group.

4. Reduce alcohol and quit smoking

Tobacco can kill you slowly. Quit smoking. It can lead to cancer, lung diseases, gum diseases, heart diseases, and many other health issues.
If you find it difficult to quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption, seek the help of a doctor for the same.

5. Do regular medical check-ups

Take care of yourselves to enjoy a few of the best decades of your life! Go for regular medical check-ups and monitor your health. Follow the prescribed medications to stay young, strong, and healthy, beating down the grays on your head.

6. Practice Yoga

A beautiful combination of gentle postures and deep breathing exercises make you stay relaxed and happy for a long day! It can also help you to reduce body weight, gain better flexibility for joints, improved respiration, maintaining a balanced metabolism and many more!

Make the latter half of your most exciting and be more confident than you never expected with the discussed simple and practical tips for healthy aging!

Celebrate life!

How Mathews Home Can Help You Live a Healthy and Happy Life?

At Mathews Home, we offer five star luxury living facility and assisted living to the seniors so that they can have an independent life. Let’s find out what we offer to make you live happy and healthy life:

  • Experience the taste of Organic Food: in future, we use organic veggies and fruits grown in our own fields/garden. We also allow residents to involve themselves in gardening.
  • Healthy Food: We have modern kitchen, experienced cooks, and food prepared under the observation of nutritionist. We use organic food products to prepare nutritious food. Diabetic residents are well taken care.
  • Geriatric Gym: We have fully equipped yoga, gym and fitness centre. Our fitness centre has been designed keeping in mind safety and peace of senior residents.
  • Assistance in Performing Daily Activities: From laundry to dressing and reminding you to take medicines on time, our staff take cares of everything that is important to your healthy routine.
  • Health Care Assistance: We take care of health of our residents that’s why we conduct timely checkups. From routine checkups, special therapies to health monitoring, we take care of everything.
  • Planned Resident Outings: We understand the significance of outings and its effect on their health that is why we organize frequent trips, picnics and religious tours for the residents.
  • Neat And Clean Environment: All our staff take cares of cleanliness and hygiene. From dining area to the kitchen as well as the rooms of the residents, we maintain proper hygiene.
  • Quick Access for Emergency Help: Our medical support is a single click away! Each room has intercom to contact the nursing station instantly.
  • Enjoy the Leisure Time Activities: We keep our seniors busy in different activities like farming, fishing, pets, indoor, outdoor games, research, writing and a lot more.
  • Personal Counselling: We conduct personal counselling by experienced sisters to ensure full satisfaction of our residents.

There are many more benefits of choosing Mathews home and living there independently without compromising comfort, luxury and freedom.

Discover your Best Life

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