Information on COVID 19 vaccine for elderly

There is so much distress among the seniors after the release of the COVID 19 vaccination. FDA has authorized the emergency use for the vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, for front-line warriors as well as seniors. Though there are many who are actively getting the shots without worrying about their safety while it has become a big question among the seniors as they are not ready to put their life at risk. So, you could be sure that the new vaccine is safe for seniors. Whether or not its effects will last longer? What are the long-term side-effects of this vaccine? These are some of the queries and many more like this people have in their mind. They are in a dilemma whether they should get the vaccine or they should wait till the results of the vaccines are declared.

Mild Side-Effects Of Covid 19 Vaccines As Per Studies

The biggest fear about the COVID 19 vaccine is among the elderly as they are worried abuts the safety and side effects. Research says that this vaccine will have mild side-effects (if any). These include fatigue, arm soreness, and headache. In fact, a study shows that older adults will have fewer side effects after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine than younger people.

Safety of the vaccine for older adults with serious medical conditions

Another fear that seniors have in their mind is whether the COVID-19 vaccine is safe for the elderly who have other health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, or asthma. It has been found that individuals with preexisting medical conditions have not experienced any severe adverse reactions to the vaccine.  But as time goes on and more and more people will get the shots, the picture will get clearer.

But before you take the COVID-19 vaccine, you must tell the physician giving the vaccine about your allergies, or if you have a fever or bleeding disorders. The health care professional should be aware of the recipient has a compromised immune system or receiving immunosuppressive therapy, or has already received another COVID-19 shot.

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