Christian retirement homes

Christian old age home refer to the specialized home for the elderly people belonging to the Christian communities in particular. These retirement homes are dedicated to providing a devotional and religious environment to the inmates so that they are able to offer prayers any time they feel like to. In addition to all modern features and facilities, Christian retirement homes usually have a chapel or church inside the campus to make it easily accessible to the inmates. Apart from the people belonging to the Christian communities, the elderly people from other communities are also welcome to stay in a Christian retirement home.

Are you looking forward to a premium Christian old age home? If yes, then you are at the right place. Mathews Home takes pride in being one of the premier Christian old age homes fulfilling all requirements of the users in the best possible manner without giving any one of them even a single chance to complain. The demand for Christian retirement homes has been increasing over the years which is precisely the reason why Christian retirement homes have become so much popular. The increasing demand is because of a number of factors that are listed below. 

  • Children staying abroad or not with their old parents
  • The elderly have no one to look after them or take care of them
  • Seniors looking forward to spending some devotional or religious time after retirement from their busy lives
  • Wishing to live with like-minded people from the Christian community
  • Wanting to live an independent life of luxury in their old age

There might be several other reasons that tend to vary from person to person who looks forward to living in a Christian retirement home in their old age. 

1. How are Christian Old Age Homes Different from Normal Old Age Homes?

There are certain reasons that make Christian old age homes a more suitable option for the aged ones than the normal ones. The following are the reasons that demonstrate the same:

Christian old age homesNormal old age homes
Faith-based facilitiesChristian old age homes comprise faith-based amenities that attend the body, soul, mind of the person.Normal old age homes provide generic facilities which are not focused on any particular faith.
Songs and pastor visitIn Christian old age homes, the aged ones will feel homely and peaceful when they will be visited by the pastor, listen to hymns, hear sermons, and read Bible when offering prayers.Normal old age homes are not involved in so many activities.
Clergy visitsPeople who are physically fit are taken out for trips to daily mass. The ones who can’t travel are visited by clergies for offering communion and hearing confessions.  In normal old age homes, these activities are not frequently done. Most of the old age homes don’t offer these facilities as well.

The best part about selecting a Christian old age home is, they welcome people of every religion and faith and not just Christianity. Furthermore, Christian old age homes try to adapt to other religions and their beliefs as well.

2. How much does a Christian Old Age Home Cost?

cost of Christian old age home

The cost of residing in a Christian old age home mostly depends on the amenities and nature. For instance, an old age home that is accommodating mostly Alzheimer’s or dementia patients will tend to be more on the expensive side than normal home care. Similarly, Christian old age homes like Mathews Home that offers assisted living, 24*7 medical assistance, nurse care, and more, will be a bit expensive. 

Another important factor that contributes to the cost criteria is location. If the Christian old age home is located in a popular area that offers proximity to most of the famous landmarks then the cost will be high. Mathews Home is a luxury old-age home that caters to a wide range of residents, including diabetic ones. They have a variety of accommodation, 7.5 acres of land, an ayurvedic spa, efficient paramedical staff, and more. Hence, the more the facilities, the higher is the cost of a Christian old age home. 

3. History of Mathews Home

Mathews Home is a luxurious paid Christian retirement home that came into existence over a decade ago. Since the time of its inception, Mathews Home gained a lot of popularity, and today it a reliable name for senior living. Father Abraham Kottooparampil and Father Mathew Kottooparampil are the two minds behind the creation of Mathews Home. The concept of Mathews Home emerged from the memory of their parents late Mr. Thomas Kottooparampil and Mrs. Annamma Thomas Kottooparampil.  

Both Mr. and Mrs. Kottooparampil were well-known for their generosity, kindness, and goodness. They always extended their support to the aged and sick in their village. With the inspiration and motivation from all the teachings as well as deeds from Mr. and Mrs. Kottooparampil, their sons Father Abraham Kottooparampil and Father Mathew Kottooparampil decided to build a memorial in their name, which resulted in the birth of Mathews Home. In the loving memory of their parents, they created a retirement home for the senior citizens known as Mathews Home. 

The founders of Mathews Home Father Abraham Kottooparampil and Father Mathew Kottooparampil are also in charge of the administration. In addition to this, a community of three to four resident religious sisters has extended their support in administering the home, as well as its residents. In addition to the founders, the admin body consists of priests and superiors of the community helping to manage Mathews Home. 

4. Benefits of Living in Mathews Home

Mathews Home is a top-class Christian retirement home that offers a wide array of benefits to its inmates that are mentioned below. 

  1. Wide Range of Accommodation: Mathews Home offers an array of dwellings that consists of independent as well as shared living space. They have a variety of rooms like deluxe, super deluxe, and standard. 
  2. Life of Freedom: Here, the older ones will be able to live a life of freedom that they often crave for. They will have the independence of performing different activities, get along with other people of similar age, and also reside in a luxurious space.
  3. State-of-the-art Infrastructure: Mathews Home is a lavish old age home. People who are planning to travel abroad will find this place a perfect haven for their loved ones. They aid in daily chores, neat and spacious kitchen, and other spaces. They have a chapel, elevators, a ramp for wheelchair users, and more.
  4. 24*7 Medical Assistance: Mathews Home is very suitable for the ones who constantly need medical assistance like diabetic patients. This is one of the preferred Christian old age homes because of their 24*7 medical assistance, routine check-ups, and more. 
  5. Homegrown Food: Mathews Home have their own organic food garden where they grow veggies and fruits. In fact, they have an aim of becoming self-sufficient in growing organic foods. They have also involved the residents in the farming of organic foods. 
  6. Leisure Activities: Mathews Home focuses on engaging the older ones in different leisure activities like indoor and outdoor games, fishing, farming, writing, research, and more. 
  7. Arranged Outings: The residents are regularly indulged in outings like picnics, day trips, religious tours as well. In fact, every anniversary, birthday, and other special event are celebrated. 

To experience the features, facilities, and services of Mathews Home, book a short-term stay now.  

5. About Mathews Home, Its Current Inmates and Their Activities

Mathews Home is a holy Christian devotional space for the seniors with all sorts of modern features and facilities available at their fingertips. It is undoubtedly a great place for elderly people and retired people to spend their time as Christian devotees. The inmates at Mathews Home can take advantage of the chapel present inside the campus. The chapel is huge and very easily accessible by each of the residents without even requiring them to move out of the campus. The chapel is open round the clock for the inmates of Mathews Home, and they can visit any time they feel like to. 

Mathews Home is a fantastic place for Christian devotees since the chapel is inside the campus. If any of the inmates wish to spend more time in the chapel than in their apartments, they are completely free to do so without any kind of restriction. Therefore, it gives the inmates the freedom, as well as independence to do whatever and whatever they feel like to. The chapel conducts morning to evening activities or rituals of which the inmates can be a part. With the chapel inside the campus, the inmates are able to live with the priests and nuns to enjoy every Christian chapel activity to the fullest. The current inmates at Mathews Home live a life close to the Lord, thereby playing a significant role in their mental, as well as spiritual well-being. 

6. Why Mathews Home?

Mathews Home is undoubtedly one of the best Christian retirement homes appropriately careering to the needs of every senior in the best possible manner. Mathews Home assures every member of the best of services, thereby ensuring a hundred percent satisfaction among all. Here are few reasons that make Mathews Home the best Christian retirement home.

  • Provides an international quality living
  • Offers world-class services 
  • In-campus chapel for offering prayers without needing to move out of the campus
  • All services are available at the fingertips of residents 
  • Emergency healthcare and medical services available round the clock
  • Ensures physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of every individual residing at this Christian retirement home

Now, at this point in time, if you are looking forward to experiencing all features and facilities at this Christian retirement home, there is simply nothing to worry about. Every user can book a trial stay or short-term stay at Mathews Home to have a clear idea as to why Mathews Home is the best Christian retirement home. So, are you interested in spending your time at Mathews Home? Call us today and book your trial stay at the earliest. 

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