The number of registered old age homes is continuously increasing in Kerala with every passing year. The biggest reason behind this rise in number is not solely due to children abandoning parents but also due to the personal decision of several seniors to stay at senior shelter homes and live the rest of their life peacefully with like-minded people.

Nowadays, there is another reason that is contributing majorly to the increasing popularity of not just traditional old age homes, but luxury old age homes. These are also known as paid old age homes that have become a priority of several NRIs and those who live in metro cities. Because of their busy schedules and different job culture, they are not able to visit their parent’s place frequently. This keeps them worrying about the health, security, and well-being of their parents. Nuclear family culture could also be the reason for the increasing number of old age homes.

On the other hand, after retirement, some people select luxury retirement homes at-the-drop-of-a-hat. This kind of independent living ensures that there is neither loneliness nor alienation, and as a result, better mental health.

The Kerala state has around 50 old age homes with fewer facilities as they are run by various charitable organizations. But still, the demand for senior luxury homes appears to be driven by non-resident Keralites who want to ensure that their aged parents live a stress-free life. The thoughts of their parent’s security and health keep bothering them even when they are waiting in the departure lounge for their final journey.

Such a unique demand gave birth to today’s retirement homes or luxury senior homes which are vibrant complexes that take care of food, housekeeping, healthcare and security of their senior residents. These happy senior homes allow ageing people to enjoy a confident and comfortable life in their sunset years. Many similar retirement homes are being established in Kerala, especially in cities like Kochi and Kottayam where several Keralite NRIs can afford a near-luxury living for their parents. According to the Kerala government records:

Types of old age homes.

These two different situations gave birth to two different types of homes for seniors.

  1. Normal Old Age Homes
  2. Luxury or Paid Old Age Homes

Let’s discuss both the types of shelter homes for seniors and discover the difference between the two.

What are old age homes?

Looking at the situation, different government and private organizations came with a concept of “old age homes” for abandoned parents/seniors or poor or helpless seniors who don’t have any guardian or relative to take care of them in their old age. These shelter homes became home to several aged people who are left alone by their kids. These homes take care of every resident give them food, medical facilities, and other necessary things so that they can live the rest of their lives happily. These old age homes do not charge anything from the residents as they get donations and government aids to run these shelters. 

Facts about Free/Low-cost/Govt. run old age homes.

  • Free of Cost.
  • Normal living.
  • No luxury facilities.
  • Sometimes they have to work.
  • Nurses are assigned to a group. 

What are luxury or paid old age homes?

Paid old age homes are entirely different from traditional old age homes. Luxury or paid old age homes as their name indicates are paid ones. In these shelter homes, seniors who are living alone and want to spend the rest of their life in luxury, book their place.

Who prefer to choose paid old age homes?

  • Seniors who have retired from government or private sectors and want to live their life peacefully with like-minded people and enjoy a similar company prefer luxury paid old age homes. 
  • Next are the parents of NRIs as they don’t want to live alone considering the security and health aspects, choose paid senior luxury living homes. 

So, it can be said that these private old age homes are not a home of pity seniors. Instead, it is home to compatible, happy, and similar-aged individuals who enjoy living in these homes and take benefit of every comfort that they generally get at their homes. These luxury living homes are a blessing that glorifies the rest of the life of ageing people by allowing them to live an active and regret-free life.

Facts about paid old age homes.

  • You have to pay for the facilities you want to avail.
  • Doctors & nurses will keep a check on your health.
  • Dietitians and nutritionists decide your meals.
  • You can spend your time doing activities of your interests.
  • Religious tours are organized.
  • Children & relatives are allowed to stay.
  • Safety. 
  • Companionship. 
Walking among trees at Mathews Home
Walking among trees and pets at Mathews Home
Mathews Home gives Caring for Seniors with Mobility Problems
Caring for Seniors with Mobility Problems

There will be professionals who will take care of their food, mental health, physical health, security, interests, entertainment, and every small thing that a responsible child does for its parents.

Those who have lost their motor functions and cannot perform their daily activities independently, they can get special nurses and helpers on-demand at paid retirement homes. These places have doctors always at hand and emergency services are available 24ร—7. So, it can be concluded that paid old age homes are not a bad place for your parents. Instead, it is a safe place for them. They will enjoy their life to have a good company and do whatever they want to at these places. The only negative side of these luxury homes is that they have to live away from their children.

In short main reasons for paid old age homes are:

  • The children move to other countries or Metro cities, for their career and their parents stay alone at home.
  • Senior citizens are opting for assisted living after retirement.
  • Nuclear families are not able to take care of their parents due to their busy work life.

Mathews Home, an ideal place for aged people.

An aerial view of St. Mathews Home
An aerial view of St. Mathews Home

Mathews Home is also a retirement cum luxury old age home in Kottayam that provides residents with all kinds of living luxuries and necessary amenities. It is not like a community living. We respect everyoneโ€™s privacy and interests. We make sure that every resident should feel Mathews Home as their own home. We provide all the retirement home facilities for senior independent living. 

  • It is spread in 7.5 acres of land. 
  • Enough space for those who love farming and gardening. 
  • Special facilities for physical and spiritual development include ayurveda spa with therapist, geriatric gym, pious and serene exclusive space for mediatation and various spiritual activities
  • Highly experienced and qualified staffs.
  • Independent living spaces.
  • Live life in absolute freedom.

Some glimpses from Mathews Home

Find people of similar interests at Mathews Home
Find people of similar interests
Lush green surroundings at Mathews Home
Lush green surroundings with fruit plants
Seniors playing carrom at Mathews Home
Seniors playing carrom
Regular Health Checkups at Mathews Home
Regular health checkups

We help our residents with all the services that the elderly need to perform their daily routine just like their own home. Mathews home is considered one of the best retirement homes in Kerala.

Discover your Best Life

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