Many people look forward to their retirement to slow down, relax, and enjoy a peaceful life. It is true that the old age can be transformed into a golden age if you successfully overcome certain challenges in life.

According to Indian tradition, families are bound to provide social security to their aged parents. The changing family structure, emerging prevalence of nuclear families, have exposed the elderly to a lot of physical, psychological and financial insecurity. Let us dive into some common concerns that senior citizens face today.

Health issues

The effects of aging lead to a lot of physical and mental health deterioration among the senior population. Older adults need to visit the doctor or stay in hospitals more frequently due to old age and they’re certainly in need of better health care. Most of the medical insurances do not guarantee a full cover or deal with mental health issues. The Society opts for a residential nursing home or retirement homes as a solution for isolated old age. It is very much important to think about the elderly’s comfort zone, the value of freedom, state of mind, and the ambiance & quality of service (from the retirement homes) to stamp it as an effective solution.

Eliminate the problem of a delayed medical care as the current serious health condition of the old couple is not communicated on time to the responsible caretakers when they get a full time assistance in a retirement home.

Financial Issues

Retirement age needs a well planned financial assessment to stay away from a transformation into a “mere dependent” from “the head of the family”. As income reduces, a fresh financial plan has to be finalized to live independent. The constant increase in the cost of living project financial insecurity and they’re forced to change the lifestyle hey had been accustomed to.

The final financial settlement for children and other family members have to be performed with utmost care and professional assistance. You have earned and saved the chief bread for all these years and the key priority has to be for your preferences. Always take the service of a legal professional to avoid any issues later.

Social isolation and bereavement

Senior citizen’s social circle naturally reduces its radius when they retire, and gradually a feeling of isolation and loneliness seeps in. So many elderly people lose their spouse during this period and senior citizens find it very difficult to overcome the situation. Loss of friends, job, spouse, and settlement of children in faraway destinations/ foreign countries can gradually make them housebound and ill. This can also lead to a lot of other related health issues like depression and anxiety. Many seniors suffer from the concern of unexpected medical bills as well.

Elder Abuse

Last but not least, elder abuse is yet another problem faced by our senior citizens today. At times, some seniors suffer from the abuse of their own children or relatives. Such abuse can be physical abuse, sexual violence, psychological abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation.

Elder abuse can lead to serious health problems and may even push them near to death. Closely involve in their life to prevent them from being taken advantage of.

“Around 1 in 6 people 60 years and older experienced some form of abuse in community settings during the past year.”

The Elderly are very much abused these days in the society, even repeated theft attempts pose a serious threat to their health and financial security.

Nevertheless, senior citizens being grandparents can provide additional affection and enrichment to their grandchildren as well as a family business. In spite of the various old age problems, actively engage yourselves for the personal well being and social good.

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