Sounds exciting? At least some of you might think, what is there at Mathews Home so special? Why is it one among the most admired senior living destinations in Kerala?

Old-age Concerns and the customary solution

Getting older, and too feeble, takes away much of the spirits and celebration from your life. A feeling of loneliness and insecurity seeps into most of the senior citizens upon retirement. They really fear about their safety, lack of communication, and health emergency situations. And, many of them are forced to opt to spend the rest of their life in an old-age home, monotonous, just as admitted in a hospital or nursing home.

Differentiating the concepts

Have you ever thought about their state of mind, being in an old-age home? Are they really happy? Do they feel bored, isolated, and monotonous? In reality, most of the senior citizens do not wish to live such a life, restricting themselves to the norms of a service organization. But, when there are no other options, that is obviously a compulsion. Elderly, as well the adorable children, might be thinking about a solution. They can no way come back from work and take full-time care of the old couple. And it has to be kept in mind that the situations might worsen day by day.

Introducing Mathews Home

Mathews Home clearly stand out from an old age home in its working procedure, working objectives, and the way of approach! They are really passionate to facilitate a happy senior living, safe, secured, along with complete freedom. They understand senior persons are very particular about their Routine, Likes & Dislikes, Health, Work out & Entertainment options, and they succeeded to have all satisfied and happy residents. They are open to the personalization of facilities to keep them comfortable under any unexpected circumstances.

Enjoy a 5-star resort type facility here!

Unbelievable? But yes! They have arranged a 5-star resort like ambiance both in-house and outside to stay refreshed every day, every time. More than that,

  • Round the clock security
  • Quick emergency assistance
  • Rouitine health care
  • Your favorite menu
  • Excellent room service
  • Superb maintenance
  • Laundry
  • Chapel
  • Gym
  • Leisure time activities from fishing to farming, and what else?

You are treated as a family member and not as a paying guest, for the rest of your life! Situated in an excellent location between Kottayam and Ernakulam, Mathews Home welcomes you with the best homelike atmosphere to live. The adult children can stay relaxed at their locations, as their parents celebrate their old-age at Mathews Home, always accessible to communicate through a voice call, or a video call.

No restrictions!

Of course, they stick on to an organized routine but never restrict your freedom. When you feel like talking to your family members, you can! When you want a weekend outing, the car is ready! Missing your favorite restaurant? You can go have a dinner out! Want a change for one week? Escape to your favorite destination! You can feel free to follow the same lifestyle, food habits, and medicine.

No future concerns

Live your life as you wish at Mathews Home. They are ready to take care of you from all perspectives, ensuring you do not miss anything you love. They understand your fluctuating health conditions and are ready to upgrade your facilities to support you immediately when required. Special nursing service will also be arranged on demand. Ambulance facilities, Doctor and nursing care from qualified health professionals are made available round the clock .

International Quality

Mathew Homes offer an International Quality Services at Indian Rates. Management is highly experienced in the field and has significant foreign exposure. Enjoy the same construction and infrastructure like that in Germany or states at Mathews!

Other Facilities

Other facilities at Mathews Home to celebrate old age gracefully include, yoga, gym, counseling, video chat, tv, ac, antique & nature-friendly atmosphere, indoor games, research & writing, wi-fi facility, CCTV surveillance, intercom, modern kitchen, cook, service of nutritionist, special care for diabetic inmates, nutritious food- organically prepared, and a lot more!

Discover your Best Life

Join our community or Stay for a short period at Mathews Home. Try & Experience our luxurious living spaces and ameneties.

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